• Be Bold
Greatness never comes from normality. Heroes stand out from the crowd and take risks in order to become great even if there are negative consequences. Speak up, help others and do the right thing even if it means you offend the masses.

  • Quality over Everything
Quality is the requirement to building repeat lifelong customers. Heroes choose quality in every action big or small to ensure success for themselves, the customer, the team, the business, the community and the world. Ask yourself with every action, is this the highest quality product, service or response I can create for our customers?

  • Operational Excellence
Success comes from placing equal value from the smallest of tasks to the largest of tasks. Heroes expect excellence in every task they perform from big or small, always looking to improve efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction. Make it your mission to find errors, flaws or problems because if something can be better it MUST be better to ensure success.

  • Seek Responsibility
If there’s a problem in the world, those who have the ability have the responsibility to fix it. Heroes accept full responsibility for the outcome of all people and all challenges around them. When you see something or someone that needs help and nobody has stepped up to take responsibility, take it upon yourself to accept 100% responsibility for everything around you, if you have the ability then you have the responsibility.

  • Eat Last
The customers are our bosses and can fire us at anytime. Heroes always put the needs of others above their own; helping others solve their problems and accomplishing their goals before their own. When a customer or team member has a question, request or a problem make it your mission that this issued is solved 100% before moving on. Simply put; help others before helping yourself.




To make individuals feel extraordinary through heroic activewear.




What does it look like?

  • HQ Showroom
  • Licensed with DC, MARVEL, Dragon Ball Z, Mortal Kombat, Invincible, Small Comic Companies.
  • Mens & Womens Apparel
  • Comic Con Events
  • Celebrity Hollywood Actors Endorsements/Partnerships
  • Articles/Interviews with Celebrities and Personal Trainers of Celebrities


The SUPERX Guarantee:

Bold designs. Insane Quality. 


Whats coming?

  • New Products
  • Rewards Program
  • Subscription
  • Black Friday Sale
  • Ambassador Contest for every launch 
  • Ambassador Facebook Group



  • Product Review Videos on YouTube
  • Answering Comments on Facebook/Instagram Ads




  • New product Launch Contest
  • Ambassador Facebook Group