Become a Real Life Superhero

What makes someone a Superhero? Is it their talents or abilities? 

No, what makes someone a Superhero is the decision to do good in the world and stand up for others. Our main mission at SUPERFIT is to stop bullying and we believe we can do that in 3 ways;

  • Increase Confidence in our customers & community through Fitness to rise above bullying in their own life
  • Inspire our customers & community to Stand Up for others when bullying occurs by asking the question "What would a Superhero do?"
  • Donate 5% of our profits to the Anti Bully Charity NOBULLY.ORG

We believe we can stop bullying but we cannot do this alone. A superhero isn't someone with a special ability, a superhero is someone who makes a decision for good. Are you ready to make that decision and become a real life superhero? Whether it's becoming a customer or standing up for others when you see bullying, we encourage you to make that decision that will make you a real life superhero!