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Feel like a hero

The shirt is great . Due to its material won’t shrink the pants are amazing by themselves as well. Best stand alone pants they have

Josh Pamment-Barry
Rebirth Joggers

For reference: I am 6ft tall wearing a medium size

The Rebirth Joggers are my new favourite joggers of the four that I own. I’ve always appreciated the more low key look and while the origin supersuit was able to provide exactly what I was looking for with that, Rebirth was able to add a bit more practicality to the fit as well as an upgraded version of a “basics” look.

The stitching patterns look awesome as well as compliment the shape of my leg muscles. The reflective strips on the shin areas, while simple, are a cool feature and one of the first noticeable things separating the Rebirth joggers from the Origin. And the little sleeve on the back to hang a gym towel is genius, I don’t really like having to leave my gym towel on the floor while I workout so having somewhere close, convenient and off the ground was a great feature.

It took me a long time to receive these Joggers, which to be clear I am aware of the situation regarding the postal service issues Austin emailed me about (very appreciated), however this does not deter me from giving five stars for this product as it was everything I hoped for when I received it.

Keep up the great work SuperX

Great fit and comfortable

I love the look, fit and comfort!

Jim Lessick
Rebirth Joggers(awesome fit!)

Just received my REBIRTH joggers yesterday and am already breaking them in. Thank you another great set! 👍🏽👍🏽

Super nice hat!

Well worth the price, I had to order two more!


Love the feel and the color! The small fits me a little better than a medium (I’m 5’7” and 170ish lbs).


The Richards Supersuit is an extravagant, yet functional, ensemble that definitely gives a legit superhero vibe. For size reference, I am 6'1", 180 pounds with a slim frame. I got Medium in the top, and large in the bottoms. The top is definitely a slim fit and hugs the frame, which can be quit difficult to remove. Visually the medium looks great, but for the difficulty removing alone, some may find the Large more convenient. The Large in bottoms is a perfect fit, they are comfortable yet not baggy or loose fitting. The suit overall may be too flashy for some, but it honestly looks extremely cool. The pieces are much more subtle if worn separately (Richards top with plain bottoms or vice versa); which may be better for those who opt to dress more on the conservative side. Overall, it is a very nice suit that is fun to wear, if you are brazen and genuinely want to feel like a superhero.

Victor Diaz
Flash suit

I love the suit it fits great, I have the Todd suit as well but the pant leg ripped while I was putting it on so I can't take a picture with that suit until I get it repaired, but the quality is good.

Amy Vukelich
Rad. Can't wait for more.

This jacket is awesome. The material is super soft and there's just the right amount of stretch. I love the details on the elbow and the barely noticeable color contrast with the 3-d stitching. The thumbholes are awesome and perfectly placed. The only two issues I have and these are just personal so still 5 stars, the sleeves are a little long on me and the pockets could be bigger.

Levi Heron
Fits Well👌🏼

At first the pictures were concerning but the way it fits on me was a lot better than I expected. Will be posting on Instagram and tagging you guys🫱🏻‍🫲🏽.

Review of the Barry Allen Suit (top and bottom)

The suit is amazing!! The feel of the material is top notch. I feel like I could jump into the speed force and run for days! The layers for the ribbing feels great. The material has just the right amount of stretch to give you some breathing room but also keep you tucked in. The addition of the ankle zipper is great because I have very large calves, which allows you to get in and zipper up to have that nice tight ankle fit. There are plenty of pockets both in the hoodie and the pants. I actually just found the 2 additional pocks on the inside. The little zippers tuck away nicely to keep with the stream line look of it. The color of the material is more on the darker side, but in pictures it looks bright red. It must be some effect of the speed force. If you are doubting weather or not to buy one, stop and hit that order button! You won't be disappointed.
Full disclosure: For sizing purposes, I am 5'10" 225lbs and I bought a large for top and bottom. The pants are a few inches on the long side that bunch at the bottom, but nothing crazy.

Meow! This is Badass!

As expected this was way better than we thought ! Thanks SuperX. This needs leggings !

Feels great and I can't wait for more suits to showcase

ODINSON S2 Joggers
Tyler Miller
Odinson hoodie and joggers

The suit is amazing 👏🏽 absolutely outstanding. It fits perfect, I love the fabric and materials used to build it. I give it a 10 of 10 rating without hesitation! I sent photos of me in the suit but I could attach them again for you guys! Thank you again, I loved it so much I pre ordered the panther suit as well.

Hulk Suit

Love the shorts!!!! Would love to see more selections of shorts if at all possible. Love the shirt too, but I gained a little weight so don’t like how look in it just yet but it’s giving me motivation to get to a place where I do. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to getting more gear from you guys.

Fantastic AF !

Incredible quality , joggers maybe the best yet !

KENT Hoodie
Zak S
“There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.”

The KENT hoodie is super comfortable & great for running. Even though I’m more of a Marvel guy, I love this hoodie!
The quality of SUPERX’s supersuits are second to none. The moment I put this on I just want to be better. I’m inspired to better myself & motivated to do the work it takes to be better than I was yesterday.

ROGERS S2 Hoodie
Amy Vukelich
Legit. My favorite so far

This suit is just amazing. Super soft and stretchy but fitted where it needs to be. I’m on the shorter side so the hoodie is a little long on me but honestly that’s the only downside. Great design, attention to detail, and POCKETS GALORE. Highly recommend.

ROGERS Joggers
Arsenio Garcia
Absolutely phenomenal!

Legit the best workout gear I have. Wore my Rogers at the gym the other day and got a new PR of 385 on my deadlift. Definitely felt like the suit really helped out in boosting my drive!

ROGERS S2 Hoodie
Timothy Wilkinson
I can do this all day

Great hoodie! Love all the pockets and the fact it’s as soft as pajamas but durable like athletic wear!

QUEEN S3 Hoodie
Charlz Stevens
This Hoodie is so dope ; I want to grow a goatee!

1st Black Friday order already here and I am over the moon ! Quality just keeps getting better. The points on the sleeve are a very nice touch .

WAYNE S4 Performance Short Sleeve
Adam Montalvo
The origin begins

The suit feels fantastic, quality feels good and looks great. Cannot wait to use it in my workouts. Hope to order more from you guys again in the future:)

ROGERS Joggers
Timothy Wilkinson
It looks good, it fits good, you train good!

Fabric feels soft and comfy like pajamas but has the durability of captain America’s face. Impeccable…. One of my favorite features is the endless amount of pockets. I love it!
Will I get more products from here? Yes!

ORIGIN Hoodie | Arkham Black
New Favorite Hoodie!

Got my Origin hoodie and I'm definitely digging it so far! Wish the hood was a little bit bigger/deeper, but the material feels great and the pockets are deep. Seems thin at first but the quality is pretty durable and feels like it will keep me warm enough.

It's a bit looser and slightly longer than other hoodies that are the same size. I've always gotten my regular size and this is a medium. I'm 5'10" and 170 lbs. with a "skinny-fat" body type as I fell off my training routine after my Achilles repair surgery a few months ago. But I'm actually okay with the length and looser fit since I can work on building back some size and strength without worrying about getting too big for the hoodie! So for me this is a win!

William Shook
Fist of Vengeance

The SPECTOR hoodie and joggers are THE BEST suits SuperX has produced to date! The biggest reason, aside from the design quality, is the COMFORT of this suit. It's unlike any other thus far. It is incredibly soft!!! Coming back to the design quality, I love the way the wrapping design was reproduced to mirror the character's suit is on point. The gold accents and inlays make the suit perfect in every way. I should have ordered two!! YouTube video placeholder